Walk the Ocean....

For those who have not met Chris, why should you put your faith in him and sponsor the charities?  If the Charities themselves were not a good enough reason, then here’s why:

The IrishSeaCrossing has been inspired through his participation in a number of ultra events, all of which are immensely tough challenges that have progressively pushed his limits and proved he can achieve the challenges that he undertakes.

Chris Training for DW

The freezing cold: Chris is the only person to win the 6633ultra twice (2009/2010) tolerating temperatures of -80C (including wind-chill) in a 350-mile, 7 day, trek to the Arctic Ocean, hauling all his own equipment in a polar sledge.  

Chris walking along the "ice road" approaching the Arctic Ocean


“This guy clearly knew what he was doing”…..”I love watching someone performing a task well, and effortlessly in life, whatever it is” and ”<he> demonstrated ingenuity in the systems the he had dreamed up to combat the forces of winter.”  Andy Murray, Ultra Athlete written in his book, Running Beyond Limits – the adventures of an Ultra Marathon Runner.

“To produce the 2nd fastest time over the course whilst maintaining complete self sufficiency is simply astounding”.  Martin Like, 6633ultra Organiser, written in the Race Results blog.


The scorching hot: Chris took second place in the Gobi Challenge Ultra (2008) running six marathons over six days across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia enduring temperatures of over +40C carrying all his own food and equipment.

Chris running through the Gobi Desert

The wet stuff: Recently (2012) Chris completed the Devizes to Westminster canoe race, known as the ‘canoeists Everest’. The 125 mile race is the longest non-stop canoe race in the world and is a great test of skill and stamina.  Chris and his kayak-partner paddled the distance, which includes 77 portages, in just over 25 hours.

Chris and kayak-partner James training for DW


Chris is always looking for new and interesting ways to “enjoy the outdoors” and offers every event his full commitment and this event is no different; arguably Chris is even more committed to this event than any previous challenge. 

Please show your support for Chris and for the Charities he supports by donating to the charities.

Thank you for your support  

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