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The plan is to cross the Irish Sea leaving Wales from Treaddur Bay, Anglesea, arriving on the East coast of Ireland at some point South of Dublin. The intent is to head due West and allow the North/South tides to generate a "saw tooth" path across the sea to Ireland. As it will be very difficult to predict my progress Westwards it will be tricky to forecast the exact arrival point on the Irish coast.

A support boat will accompany me on the crossing to take care of radio and navigation, which I will not have the mental capacity for, but other than that the aim is to make the crossing self sufficient in every way.

Training for this event is at a different level to my previous challenges. I will have to keep up significant effort for two days. Think of it as two days on a stepper-machine, without sleep. I have walked non-stop for 48 hours on two previous occasions (more about Chris's previous challenges). Currently, my my training effort is well underway. Keep up to date on the Blog page.

Thanks...this event would not be possible, but for the sterling support of many people...for further details see the Thanks page.

  Tredalo in Poole Harbour  

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Saw-tooth route due to tides

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more about when a crossing attempt will be made
For more about progress please see the Blog page.
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For more about the raft please see Tredalo.com.

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