Walk the Ocean....

The exact time of the crossing this summer is something that even "Mystic Meg" could not predict. I think that the required high pressure weather system is more likely in late September or early October.

The high pressure weather system should bring the very specific weather conditions that I need. Even so, it will be quite an exceptional set of conditions that would provide the ideal conditions over the extended period of time required for the crossing (estimated at two days).

I need light winds for two reasons. Firstly, so that the ferocious Irish Sea behaves itself whilst I am crossing; I can tolerate waves up to 2 or 3 ft in height, but not much more than this. Secondly, I can't tolerate any headwind at all. Whilst it is perfectly possible to progress into a 20 knot headwind for shorter excursions, progress would be impossibly slow for such a length of crossing, so I ideally would like a light tailwind.

These conditions bring with them their own challenges... they are the same conditions that usually precipitate heavy sea fog. Lucky for me I have a top support boat, with a top crew and top kit to cope with these conditions (I also have the fact that I am probably piloting the worlds best ever RADAR reflector in my favour).

Do the required conditions ever exist? I am given much hope by this photo, which was taken in the middle of the Irish Sea and is proof that the Irish Sea, if you catch it in the right mood, is willing to be conquered.